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How to use coconut oil in hair treatments

The coconut oil, rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, is used for centuries for its benefits both for internal use and for external use. When it comes to the hair, coconut oil is a miraculous ingredient. Whether your hair is dry or oily, you deal with problems such as hair loss or dandruff, coconut oil is your best friend and ally.

When treating problems of the scalp or hair, coconut oil has a complex action.

Coconut oil is good for your hair

How does the coconut oil work?

-Fatty acids in coconut oil stick to proteins in the hair, protecting them so, from the roots to tips.

-Used on the scalp, coconut oil stimulates blood circulation and supports the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots.

-Antioxidants, vitamins E, and K, minerals, iron and the nutrients in the coconut oil nourish the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

-Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties and effectively treats various ailments affecting the harmonious growth of scalp hair.

-Coconut oil penetrates the hair, protecting and moisturizing it.

What should you know before using coconut oil

The first and most important thing is that you should always use a virgin coconut oil, obtained by cold pressing. Opt for a quality product from a good source. Don't use too much of it because it can lead to an unpleasant image of your hair. As any other products, the results will come in time so be patient.

Coconut slices

Problems and solutions

Here is how you solve the main problems of the hair with the help of coconut oil:

Coconut oil for split ends

The excessive use of heat on your hair or simply ignoring the recommendation to shorten the tips of your hair regularly can lead to damage. Coconut oil contains proteins similar to hair that can replace those lost and can give your hair a healthy and shiny appearance. In addition, coconut oil has the ability to retain water, keeping thus the hair hydrated and preventing damage.

How to apply it: preheat the coconut oil, and then apply it on the tips or the entire length of hair, if necessary. Leave it to work for at least one hour (or overnight) and then wash it with the shampoo that you usually use. You can apply this treatment once a week or even twice, if your hair is too damaged.

Coconut oil for dandruff

Some of the ingredients in the coconut oil have antifungal properties, so it's a good remedy for dandruff.

How to apply it: preheat some coconut oil, then apply it on the scalp and gently massage. Leave it to work for at least an hour, and then wash with your shampoo. Repeat every week (or before each wash) until the problem was solved.

Coconut oil for hair growth

Coconut oil stimulates scalp circulation and thus determines the rapid absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from its composition and the hair will grow faster.

How to apply it: slightly heat the coconut oil (to allow rapid penetration into the skin), then apply it on the scalp and let it cure overnight. Wash in the morning with your regular shampoo or one to stimulate growth.

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