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How to take care of your skin at 25, 35 and 45 years old

The years are just flying by and our skin gets older by the minute. That's why you must remember we should take really good care of our skin to make sure we will still look fabulous when we are 40 or 50. To better understand how to take care of your skin, we must know how the skin "works" at different ages and what kind of treatment it needs. So here some advice that will help you take better care of you skin.

Woman at 25 years old

25 - hydration is the key!

A moisturizer is everything your skin needs when you are 25 and if you would like to prevent those ugly wrinkles, choose something with hyaluronic acid. When the hyaluronic acid starts to decline, the skin loses its suppleness. For this reason it is one of the important ingredients used in anti-wrinkle creams. Sometimes wrinkles appear before the age of 30 so the best thing is to start using a moisturizing cream as soon as you need it.

Makeup Secrets

• Do not abuse of foundation or powder. Instead use a A, BB or CC cream that can equalize the skin tone, while retaining its smoothness.

• Avoid dark makeup or too much makeup. Instead, you can enjoy colors, that will emphasize your natural beauty.

• When it comes to your lips, you can choose any color you like, but try to stay away from those that are very dark and dramatic.

3 important tips:

1. Don't forget to take off your makeup every day, before going to sleep! Your skin might look great right now, but you want to keep it this way for the years to come.

2. Wrinkles appear most often around the eyes, but if you apply daily an eye cream you can keep them away for a long time.

3. Fruit masks and the ones made with mineral water are great at this age.

Woman at 35 years old

35 years - the fight against wrinkles starts

The best treatment is prevention. A wrinkle moisturizer is the key to a further fine complexion. Exfoliation is a good tool in reducing the size of the the one ingredient that you should not miss is the coenzyme Q10. This is also a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies and has some particularly important roles like producing energy inside cells, thus boosting their rapid regeneration, participating in the secretion of collagen and being a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes environmental factors that lead to premature aging. With age, the level of the co-enzymes decreases.

Makeup Secrets

• Use concealer but with moderation, and for a better result, mix it with some foundation or moisturizer.

• Apply your eye shadow with your finger, so the excess will be easily removed.

• For your lips, use a lipstick that has a natural shade.

5 Important Tips

1. Make sure than when you go to sleep, your skin is clean. This is the only way the treatments you apply will be effective.

2. Choose the key ingredients that bring benefits to the skin: antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and collagen.

3. Take supplements of vitamins C and E, with a role in stimulating the production of collagen and elastin naturally.

4. Pamper your skin with a mask every week.

5. Use a night eye cream and one to combat the wrinkles.

Woman of 45 years old

45 - continue the fight!

If in your 30 you took really good care of your skin, you will now have an easier task. Although cell renewal and collagen production slowed significantly during this period, regular exfoliation and moisturizing anti-wrinkle treatments remain very important, plus new ingredients for skin, such as creatine, which helps increase skin firmness, renewable-rare cell reduction wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Makeup Secrets

• Stay away from shimmery makeup because it will only emphasize the wrinkles around the eyes. Replace them with a mate one, that is sophisticated, bringing a touch of extra elegance.

• The lip gloss must have only light colors.

• Apply the foundation in a thin layer, so that it does not load your face. Invest in a quality product.

3 important things

1. Do not forget about hydration. As we age, the skin becomes dry because of the reduction of sebum. The face cream that has fine oils is very good in keeping the skin soft and supple. Choose a cream containing sunscreen, because the skin is more prone to staining and wrinkling because UV rays.

2. Apply an eye cream or gel every night to help skin repair while you sleep.

3. Drink plenty of water to gently remove toxins from the body and stay away from cigarettes or alcohol.

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