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How to make your own lip balm at home (video tutorials, part 1)

Beauty products can sometimes be very expensive, especially if you are looking for some good ones. But not even then, we can't know what exactly they contain and how are those things going to affect our skin and our health.

That's why, the best option that we have is to make our own beauty products at home using only natural ingredients. I do it all the time and I must say that I am very pleased with results! And that's why I want to show you the recipes that I use to create all my beauty products. Today I am going to show you a product that we should all use, not just when the weather is cold, but all year around: lip balm.

Usually, a homemade lip balm contains only natural things like coconut oil and beeswax that you can buy from a local shop or from the internet. I buy all my natural ingredients from making sure that they have great recommendations. If you would like to buy the ingredients you need to make your own lips balm at home, here are some that you should consider:

Coconut oil


Scent oils

Vitamin E

Shea butter

Now that we have all the ingredients we need, we are ready to start making our homemade lip balm. So here are my favorite homemade lip balm recipes that you should also try.

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