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How to create the ruffian manicure at home

Looking for a new manicure trend that you can wear both at work or at a party? Something that is both elegant and cool? Then we have the perfect suggestion for you: the ruffian nails. It looks a lot like the moon manicure but it's better.

Initially, this manicure was developed by Creative Nail Design for the Fall 2010 Ruffian show and since then everyone is calling it the ruffian manicure. To create this manicure, all you need to do is paint a crescent moon at the bottom of your nail. Here is the entire process:

• clean and buff your nails

• paint your nails with one color

• place a circular sticker on each nail

• with a contrasting color, paint the rest of the nail that is not covered by the sticker

• remove the sticker while the polish is still wet

• let the nail dry and apply a top coat

So are you ready to try this cool manicure? Here are some ideas that might inspire you!

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