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Glitter makeup ideas to try in 2016

One of the main trends of 2016 when it comes to makeup is using glitter for your eye shadow or for your liner. Of course, makeup artists are advising us to use this kind of makeup only in the evening or when we are going at a party and I think that this trend can be quite elegant and chic.

Like any other makeup, the glitter makeup should not be over used, so in order to look beautiful and trendy, use just a little glitter to emphasize the beauty of your eyes. You can mix the glittery eye shadow with your normal one in order to create an original look. Glittery eyeliner are also trendy this year and they can successfully replace the eye shadow.

So are you ready to try this new trend? Check out the gallery below to see some great glitter makeup ideas that easy to make and very trendy!

Photo source: Pinterest

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