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Ecaille - the hottest hair trend of 2016

Ecaille hair

In 2016 there are many hair coloring techniques that you can try, that are becoming more and more popular. So today I want to tell you more about one of them, called ecaille. Also known as tortoiseshell hair this technique creates a natural looking hairstyle by blending multiple shades like chocolates, caramels, chestnuts and golden blondes. It kind of looks like a combination between ombre and balayage, but overall is more sophisticated and it doesn't show any of those harsh lines that the highlights are known for.

Ecaille is mainly used by women who want to warm up the color of their hair while adding some dimension by layering different tones of color so that the hair looks natural. This technique, which uses warm shades like golden caramel or chocolate, is perfect if your hair is a warm brunette or golden blonde.

The one advice that hair stylists are giving us is that we must make sure that ecaille we choose works with the tone of our skin. Here are some ideas: if your skin tone is olive then you should go for red or ash tones that will make you look very natural. If your skin is pale or fair, then opt for some golden tones, that will make you look fresh and chic.

This ecaille technique is great for both blondes and brunettes. Blonde women though should take in consideration deepening the base color of their hair to get that beautiful contrast. Brunettes have already dark hair so all they need to do is use the balayage technique to make some beautiful highlights in their hair.

So what do you think? Is the ecaille technique something that you might try in 2016? Check out the gallery below to see some celebrities that have already tried it and we must say, they look amazing!

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