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Delicate pastel manicures to wear this spring

Spring is almost here so it's time to get ready for it. From our clothes to our accessories, and from our hairstyle to our nails, everything must be perfect.

That's why today I want to show you some great ideas on how you can use pastel colors to create the most beautiful spring manicures.

In 2016, we even have two pastel colors that are setting the trends so why not let them inspire you next time you want to paint your nails. The best thing about pastel colors is that they look great together so you can make endless color combinations.

A pastel manicure can be the perfect for any kind of outfit and you can wear it everywhere you go, either at school or at the office. So if you are ready to embrace the pastel trend this spring, make sure you check out the gallery below where you will see some of my favorite pastel manicure ideas that I hope will inspire you too.

(photo source: Pinterest)

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