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Anti-cellulite honey massage

Cellulite is a problem that all women are experiencing and as we all know, it's very hard to ignore or treat it. There are many products that we can buy or even make at home but most of them don't really work. The anti-cellulite massage is something that we can make even at home, but before starting, there are some things we must know. For example which is the best technique and which are the best tools? How much pressure should we apply to that area and which is the right dosage of cream? If we know the answer to all these questions, then we can make this massage at home.

Honey massage

If have already tried many creams and nothing has worked, we suggest you take a look over this idea, that promises results in only 10 days. To get started all you need is some honey, that is actually the most effective natural product when it comes to cellulite. Honey will not only help with this unpleasant problem, but will also improve blood circulation and will support the good circulation of the lymphatic system, helping the skin to eliminate to toxins faster.

Here are some other advantages of this treatment

• improves the oxygenation of the tissues;

• tones up the skin;

• supports muscle toning;

• activates cell metabolism;

• helps eliminate the excess fluid from the body;

• improves circulation;

• reduces the size of body fat and improves the appearance of the skin affected by the cellulite.

So here's how it works

Apply a thin layer of honey on the affected area then stick your hands on the area and then take them away. Continue this process until it becomes increasingly difficult to do so and until the honey begins to become white. This creates a vacuum effect that destroys the cellulite. Make this massage for about 10 minutes. Rinse your skin with warm water and apply body lotion. Repeat the massage every tow days. You might have some minor bruising and the sensation of burning skin at the end, but this will pass in a few days.

Another way to make this anti-cellulite massage is to use a glass. Cover the area with honey and then move the glass (with the mouth of the glass on your skin) with a circular motion all over the area. Repeat the process until the honey becomes dry. Repeat two time a week. If this massage is to painful, stop because it might give you serious bruising.

The honey massage helps to drain toxins and excess fluids gathered in your body, stimulates the circulation, restores skin elasticity, helping to break down fat deposits, hydrating, nourishing and treating skin irritations. To make sure that the results are the ones you are looking for, use only organic, fluid honey. For a better smell, you can mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 10 drops of essential oil.Do not try the honey massage at home if you have varicose veins, if you are pregnant or allergic to honey!

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