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9 summer beauty tricks & tips

Both your skin and your hair need special treatment in the hot season so here are a few tricks that will help you to go through this summer without any problems. Remember that if you want to look good every day, you should adopt a natural makeup and use just a few beauty products. This way your face will be able to breath and you will not have problems with your skin. So here are our other tips for you.

Summer beauty

1. After a day at the beach, you will be able to get rid of the unwanted sand if you apply talcum powder on your skin. The powder will absorb the moisture and you will be able to remove all the sand from your skin.

2.Sometimes when you apply self-tanning lotions, blemishes can appear on you skin and they are very unaesthetic. You can solve this problem by gently massaging that areas with a paste made from baking soda and water. If you scrub the area to hard, all the tanning lotion will came off.

3.Before going to bed you can use dry shampoo by applying it to the roots and gently massage it. The next day you will have a beautiful, clean hair. If you don't like the products you find in the stores, you can make one at home.

4.If after a day at the beach you suffer from sunburn, aloe vera is the answer.The aloe vera gel found in the leaves of this plant will work miracles on your skin. Here's how it works: take the gel found in a leaf and put it on an ice cube. It will not only soothe the skin but it will also help it heal faster.

5. Sweat can sometimes leave ugly stains on our favorite clothes. To remove them faster, squeeze some lemon juice on them before putting them in washing machine.

6. Keep the nail polish in the refrigerator to avoid bubbles, a common reaction during the summer because of the heat. If you do not have enough room for your whole collection, put in fridge only the products you are going to use.

7. If you notice an irritation that has appeared on your bikini line after you have removed the hair and you are just about to go to the beach, here is a natural solution. Put chamomile tea bags in hot water for few minutes, take them out and keep them in the refrigerator about 20 minutes. After that, put them on the irritation.

8. During the summer, change you face cleanser for something lighter, that doesn't contain oils. This will prevent blackheads to form and excess sebum to appear.

9. If you have problems with the sweat than you should not use body lotions when it's hot outside. Apply instead a fresh and fragrant body spray.

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