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6 chic hairstyles that are trendy this winter

Winter is finally here so I think it's just the right time to make some changes in our life. Some women love to buy new clothes and some just want to make a change in their appearance. So if you too are ready to change your look, then here are six new hairstyles that are very trendy in this cold season.

1. The retro hairstyle

After the retro clothes and accessories have made a big comeback this year, retro hairstyles are also really trendy. The most popular right now are the curls, the voluminous ones that are great to wear not only at the office, but also at a party or a wedding.

2. The faux bob hairstyle

Many women tend to cut their hair shorter in the cold season but if you are looking for a hairstyle that is both cute, comfy and trendy, and doesn't involve cutting to much hair then the faux bob hairstyle, also known as fake short hair is the perfect choice. Wear this hairstyle as you like, slick for an elegant look, messy for a playful one and curly for a chic look.

3. Deep side part straight hairstyle

A few years ago, it was trendy to have your hair parted in the middle but this winter if you want to look like a real diva, you must wear your hair a deep side part. There are many options when it comes to this hairstyle, for example you can keep your hair straight for a natural look or you can curl it for a more dramatic look.

4. The slicked back hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for those women who don't a lot of time in the morning to arrange their hair. The slicked back hairstyle is easy to make and doesn't require to much skill or hair products. A great advantage of this hairstyle is that it keeps the hair of your face and emphasizes your bone structure and beautiful facial features.

5. Bangs

They are not for everybody but if you find the right bangs for your face, then you can create a new look for yourself in no time. Not only they make you look younger, but also are great for those women who have big foreheads, making their faces look smaller.

6. The high ponytail

Women have been wearing ponytails for ages but in the last few years, this hairstyle has become very trendy. To create the perfect high ponytail you must pull your hair very tight and very high and you can add a special touch by either making sure your hair is very straight or very curly.

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