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14 delicate bridal manicure designs

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, so you make sure that all the details match your vision. The one thing that is very important is the way you, as a bride, look. Everything is important, from your dress, to your shoes, to the accessories and of course the hair, makeup and manicure.

In order to have the perfect manicure on your wedding day, choose the design with at least one week before and try it on. It doesn't need to be just pretty, but should also match with the rest of your look, and your makeup. There are many designs from which you can choose from, some have flowers, some have diamonds, but all it matters is that it fits your style and your look.

If you are looking for ideas for your bridal manicure, here are some delicate designs that we think you are going to love!

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