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12 practical usages of petroleum jelly

We all have petroleum jelly in our bathroom cabinets and if you don't have at least one jar, than you should buy one. It is so good and practical not only for its usual uses, but for many other that are slightly unusual. From removing makeup to preserving your fragrance, here are 12 practical usage of petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly

1. If you want a soft skin, rub petroleum jelly on the spots where your skin is dry. Do this before you go to bed and in the morning, you will have a softer skin.

2. Do you have a squeaky door? Just apply some petroleum jelly on the hinges and there you go, no more annoying sounds.

3. If you run out of makeup remover don't worry. Apply petroleum jelly on your lids, then wipe them gently with a tissue. This will leave your eyes clean and hydrated.

4. In the morning, eyebrows can be pretty hard to tame. Just take a drop of petroleum jelly and swipe it across your eyebrow.

5. Are your lips dry and cracked? Or you simply run out of lip gloss? Petroleum jelly will give your lips an instant glow but will also help them heal.

6. For a home made exfoliator, mix the petroleum jelly with brown sugar. Quick and effective!

7. Before using tanning products, apply some petroleum jelly on your skin. This way you will get an even tan.

8. If you don't like your eye makeup shadows anymore, you can transform them into creams in just a few seconds. This way the color will be brighter.

8. The petroleum jelly is also great for your hair. It will help you seal the split ends and also can be used as a styling product.

9. Also, when you dye your hair, apply on your skin a layer of petroleum jelly. In case the dye falls on your skin, you will avoid the stains.

10. To preserve your fragrance all day long, put some petroleum jelly on your pulse points, before using your perfume.

11. You are almost running out of body lotion? Just add some petroleum jelly in the bottle.

12. Sometimes rings get stuck on our fingers. Slide it off easily with the help of petroleum jelly.

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