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10 hairstyles that you should try in 2016

Hairstyles 2016

2016 is finally here so it's time to make a change! I propose you start by choosing a new hairstyle and this year you have where to choose from. From the already famous high pony tail to the newcomer messy bun this year is full of surprises. So here are the 10 hairstyles that you will want to wear in 2016!

1. The high ponytail: it was more then obvious that this hairstyle was the most popular hairstyle at the Balmain fashion show. And we love it! Not only is really trendy and so cool, but it's also very easy to make! Just straighten your hair, leave your head on your back and gather all the hair on top of your head. A must do is to hide your hair band with a strand of hair.

The high ponytail hairstyle is the must have of this season

2. Curls: it seems that curly hair is more and more popular these days! You can use a hair curler to create the perfect curls but if you don't have one, don't worry. Many women simply braid their hair after washing it and keep it like that over the night. I personally curl my hair by making a hair bun on the top of my head after I have washed and dried my hair.

3. Natural look: it seems that in 2016 we will not have to try so hard to make our hair look perfect because this year the natural look is more trendier then ever.

4. Low ponytail: the little sister of the high ponytail was the star of many catwalks last year. And the thing is that women have been wearing their hair like this since forever, so I guess we will all be in the trends this year, right?

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5. Hair behind the ears: if you want to keep your hair straight this year stylists say that is must you keep it behind your years. This hairstyle will keep the hair out of your eyes and clear your face.

Hairstyles 2016

6. The wet look: in 2015 this was so chic and it seems that this is one of the trends that we are taking with us in 2016 too. It's up to you if you want to make your hair look wet only at the roots and the top of your head or all your hair. You can either use styling products or you can get out of the house with your hair wet after you have taken a shower.

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7. Hair accessories: yes, they are back! In 2016 you will look cool if you adorn your hair with different hair accessories, even tiaras. If you choose to wear an accessory that is more of a statement piece, make sure that you don't use to much makeup for your overall look.

Curly hairstyles for modern women

8. Braids: this hairstyle is perfect for those young bohemian girls, who love to experiment while looking natural. You can choose between one or many braided tails and also adding small accessories. Keep in mind that there are so many ways to braid your hair so you have a whole year to experiment.

9. Pigtails: remember when you were small and your mother used to make you two cute pigtails? Well, this hairstyle is so fashionable right now so you should try it too. The pigtails are meant to bring back the innocence that it seems we have lost in the last years, so I say it's a great hairstyle to try in 2016.

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10. The low bun: the high bun is literally last year because this year we are wearing a low, messy, casual bun made at the nape of our neck. To me this bun is like something that a woman can wear every day, without putting to much effort into her hairstyle, so it's great!

So there you have it! These are the ten hairstyles that are going to be trendy in 2016! Which one would you like to try?

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